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  • The Molly Pitcher Frock

    The Molly Pitcher Frock Like people, buildings have their history.  The 44 North Bedford, home to Bedford Street Antiques, is no different.  The northern, three-story section of Bedford Street Antiques was originally a church.  Completed by the First Lutheran Church in 1852 at a cost of $7,122.50, glimpses of the original architecture can be found […]

  • The Green Man of Carlisle

    And just who is The Green Man of Carlisle? Peering from behind tendrils of foliage, The Green Man watches the comings and goings of those passing by on Carlisle streets. Hopefully, he is wishing us well. What does The Green Man look like? As varied as the personalities who created, and continue to create, him. […]

  • The Marketing of Carlisle : Part VI

    by Charlie Andrews Some Possible Future Enterprises? Historical • “The Shelling of Carlisle” Reenactment of the shelling of Carlisle by Jeb Stuart’s troops. This could be developed into festival celebrating Carlisle’s historic part in the Civil War. The festival could take place at the Carlisle Fairgrounds and also be developed as a Civil War re-enactors […]

  • A&F Rental Property Management Partners

    Started in 2000, Allen & Fleming Rental Property Management Partnership is a family owned and managed property management business founded in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Our goal is to find unique, historic, and ideally situated apartment and commercial units to renovate, restore, and revamp into modern day havens for both living and conducting business while maintaining the […]

  • Pat Craig Studios

    Custom picture framing, fine art & prints, unique jewelry, gifts, flamingo-wear 30 W. Pomfret Street Carlisle, PA 17013 717-245-0382

  • Carlisle Pennsylvania – Information

    Here is a quick list of information and resources for Carlisle. You can also find more by searching (using the search box at the top of the page). Official Borough Sources Carlisle Police : 717-243-5252 Carlisle Borough Carlisle School District Utilities Electric: PP&L Natural Gas: UGI Water/Sewer: Contact the Borough (link above) Telephone: Embarq Organizations Carlisle Chamber of […]

  • Molly Pitcher

    Molly Pitcher As Americans began writing their history in the 1800s, they searched for heroes and heroines symbolizing America’s spirit and character. George Washington became “The Father of Our Country.” And America’s Revolutionary War heroine? Molly Pitcher. Bits and pieces of actual people and events, along with half truths and embellishments, evolved into the Molly […]

  • The Marketing of Carlisle : Part III

    by Charlie Andrews The Decline Again Over time, most organizations, businesses or communities fall into a routine. There is no individual fault, yet we are all at fault as we become comfortable, and complacency creeps into our routine. This is a difficult thing to combat, but it is particularly disastrous for what is essentially a […]

  • The Marketing of Carlisle : Part V

    by Charlie Andrews Carlisle’s Potential Carlisle is already a destination for the local area, but it is the potential day-trippers within a two-hour driving radius who put a tremendous amount of disposable income within reach of our community. This means more people coming to Carlisle for all the right reasons, to shop, partake of our […]

  • Firehouse Antiques

    Located in a 100 year old firehouse. Has antiques, collectibles, custom made furniture, large selection of Polish Pottery. 636 N. West St Carlisle, PA 17013 (717) 243-6666